Post-doctoral Work Station-濮阳濮耐高温材料(集团)股份有限公司-Puyang Refractories Group Co.,Ltd.-PRCO


Information of post doctor
Planned research project of post doctorQuantity for the subjectCondition of science researchRemuneration

Preparation of Nano-powder and Its Application to Refractories

Research on the Composition, Structure and Performance of Al2O3-MgO-CaO Castable System

百胜彩票平台Research on the Composition, Structure and Performance of Al2O3-ZrO2-C Refractories System

Research on the Composition, Structure and Performance of Low-carbon and MgC Refractories System

Inorganic nonmetal materials, one person per subject。

百胜彩票平台The subject researching fund is more than 200,000yuan with completed office facility, advanced research equipment and timely available cars。

80000-100000yuan for annual salary;
one house with over 100m2 provided;
basic insurance like endowment insurance, medical insurance, occupational injury insurance during the period of work station.
Achievements of post doctor
NameName of Research SubjectAwardsRewards
Li BinResearch on Hydration Process Mechanism of Al2O3-MgO Castable Combined with Aluminate Cement and Optimization of This Castable Operation PerformanceSubsidized by science research project of post doctorThe second awards
Liao YuchaoDevelopment and Application on Magnesia Spinel Bricks Composited by High Quality Magnesia Raw Materials
Tian XiaoliDevelopment on Inlayed Zirconium Plate Used in Convertor Slide Plate
Post-doctoral Management

Management Department:Doctoral Management Office of Human Resources Department in PRCO
Phone No.:0393-3214026
Address:Middle West Circle Road, Puyang, Henan province
Postal Code:457100

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